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YOM-3/4 Multiple Spindle Oscillation Mortiser
• 3~6 Head Configuration
• 3 sets tilting carriages

YOM-4 4~6 Head Configuration
• 3 sets tilting carriages
• 1 set horizontal carriage

Outstanding Features:

  1. This highly productive mortiser is designed for producing various mortises simultaneously.
  2. Flexible head combination to meet specific job requirements.
  3. Double tables on front and back sides, permitting both sides operations for increased efficiency.
  4. Cutter speeds are frequency inverter controlled, providing variable speeds change.
  5. The entire operation motions are conveniently controlled by simply pressing the foot switch.
  6. Each carriage is adjusted independently.
  7. Two speeds cutter oscillation permits high/low speed change.
  8. Carriages slide on big steel rods. High speed cutter oscillation features maximum stability.
  9. Mortise width and depth are adjustable.
  10. The machine is designed for both mortising and drilling functions.
  11. Carriages are well constructed for adjusting mortise width independently.
Mortising Head
  • Mortising head is directly driven by an independent 1.8HP motor. Two cutters fitted on both ends of spindle perform both sides mortising simultaneously.
  • Mortising head position can be adjusted in right/left, up/down directions.
  • Collet chuck clamps /unclamps the cutter for quick tool change.
  • The machine is constructed of three tilting carriages and one horizontal carriage. Each carriage can be fitted with one or two mortising head as customer's requirement.
  • Each carriage can be tilted independently. Maximum tilting angle is 20°.
  • Picture shown model YOM-4 is equipped with three tilting carriages and one horizontal carriage.
Variable Cutter Speed
  • The cutter running is controlled by a high performance frequency inverter, permitting for variable speeds adjustment. Wide speed range is from 6,000 to 12,000 RPM.
Control Panel

All of machine motions are grouped in one control panel for operation convenience, including cutter oscillation, motor ON/OFF control, and clamping cylinder control etc.

Independent Mortising Head Control
  • Each mortising head is controlled by an independent switch. The operator may adjust mortise position as desired for maximum flexibility.
Model YOM-3 YOM-4
Numbers of carriage 3 sets 4 sets
Numbers of spindle 3~6 spindle 4~6 spindle
Max. mortise width 100 mm 100 mm
Max. mortise depth 50 mm 50 mm
Cutter diameter Ø6~Ø25 mm Ø6~Ø25 mm
Cutter shank diameter Ø16 mm Ø16 mm
Distance between spindles 90~1000 mm 90~1000 mm
Oscillation speed (2 speeds) 95 / 190 strokes 95 / 190 strokes
Spindle speeds 5000, 10000 R.P.M. 5000, 10000 R.P.M.
Tilted mortise angle 20° 20°
Spindle motor 1.8 HP 1.8 HP
Oscillation drive motor 1 HP 1 HP
Total horsepower  4.8 kw (6.4 HP) 6.2 kw (8.2 HP)
Working air pressure 6 kg/cm² 6 kg/cm²
Dust hood outlet diameter ø4" x 2 ø4" x 2
Net weight 1350 kgs 1450 kgs
Gross weight 1650 kgs 1750 kgs
Machine dimensions 2200x1420x1480 mm 2200x1420x1650 mm
Packing dimensions 2330x1600x1550 mm 2330x1510x1850 mm
• Specifications and design characteristics are subject to change without prior notice.