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Adjustable Spinde

The spindle is adjustable for cutter wear compensation. The cutter can be resharpened about 12 times.


YC-480 900 Continuous Dovetailer
(For Straight Board)  

Outstanding Features:

  1. Cuts dovetailed tenons/mortises simultaneously for accurate jointing.
  2. Dovetailed width and depth are adjustable.
  3. Continuous tenoning motion.
  4. Automatic motion cycle provides efficient, economical operation.
  5. High spindle speed 20,000 R.P.M.
  6. Simple to operate, simple to maintain.
  7. 3 feed speeds change suitable for cutting various wood materials.
  8. Convenient efficient operation
    The machine permits for two operators' operation. Entire motion sequences are automatically operated except for clamping and unclamping of workpieces.
Rugged Guide Rod
  • Tenoning head feeds on an oversized guide rod, hard chrome plated, for maximum stability of tenoning operation and maximum wear resistance.
Centralized Control Panel
  • All of the machine motion controls are centralized on one control panel for operation convenience. Control functions include single start/stop, feed start/stop, manual/automatic mode selection.
Stable Tenoning Head
  • The tenoning head is driven by a 2HP motor with 20,000 R.P.M. high spindle speed. Cutter bit can be micrometrically adjusted for tenon/mortise width.
Cuts Dovetailed Tenon and Mortise Simultaneously
  • The workpieces to be jointed are placed together on the machine for cutting dovetailed tenons and mortises simultaneously, ensuring high accuracy jointing effect.
Replaceable Mold. Easy for Maintenance
  • Easily clean the wood chips inside the molds by only taking off the two dust-proof covers.
Automatic Lubricator
  • With automatic lubricator provide YC-480 longer life.
Model YC-480 YC-900
Tenon thickness Min.10 mm, Max.20 mm Min.10 mm, Max.20 mm
Tenon width Min.10 mm, Max.18 mm Min.10 mm, Max.18 mm
Tenon depth Min.10 mm, Max.20 mm Min.10 mm, Max.20 mm
Spindle vertical adjustment 30 mm 30 mm
Maximum calmping device tilts - -
Maximum workpiece sizes Length 1500 mm, Width 480 mm Length 1500 mm, Width 900 mm
Collect chuck capacity Ø12 mm Ø12 mm
Numbers of air clamps 4 PCS 8 PCS
Spindle speeds 21,500 R.P.M. 21,500 R.P.M.
Spindle motor 2 HP 2 HP
Total horsepower 3 kw (4 HP) 3 kw (4 HP)
Working air pressure 6 kg/cm² 6 kg/cm²
Dust hood outlet diameter ø3" x 1 ø3" x 1
Frequency inverter Optional Standard
Machine dimensions (LxWxH) 1270 x 780 x 1330 mm 2220 x 780 x 1330 mm
Packing dimensions (LxWxH) 1370 x 880 x 1450 mm 2370 x 940 x 1450 mm
Net / Gross weight 480 / 600 kgs 750 / 850 kgs
• Specifications and design characteristics are subject to change without prior notice.