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NC-YRT-150 NC Rectangular Tenoner


Outstanding Features:

  1. Built with two tables for higher efficiency operations.
    High production rate up to 18 pcs per minute.
  2. NC control in combination with 7" colorful touch screen provide user-friendly operations and allow for selsction of various tenon shapes.
  3. Chinese and English display.
  4. 200 sets of memory capacity.
  5. Motion simulation funetion ensures the corect selection of tenon shape and avoid a danger of cutterhead bumping.
  6. X, Y-axis employ servo motor for directly driving the ball screw through a couping, which featires low vacklash and high positioning accuracy.
  7. The spindle motor is controlled by a frequency inverter.
  8. Table tilts 0°~30°.
  9. Accommodates throw-away cutterhead.
PLC Touch control
  1. 7" high resolution touch screen.
  2. Multiple memory capacity of production modules.
  3. Once the cutterhead diameter is imput, the computer will automatically setup the cutterhead for shortening cutterhead setup time.
  4. The use of precision screw in compination with an encoler for dramatically upgrading accuracy.
  5. Error message display facilitates trouble shooting.
Tenon Shape Selection
Cylindrical Tenon
Parameter Setting Display
Circular Tenon Parameter
Setting Display
Squqre Tenon Parameter
Setting Display
Alarm List  

Helical cutterhead

  1. Excellent for all soft and hard wood materials.
  2. 360° cutting.
  3. Fine chips.
  4. No tearing.
  5. Forced chip removing to eliminate repeated cutting.
  6. Low noise; long service life.
Model NC-YRT-150
Spindle speed 10000 R.P.M.
Maximum tenon width 150 mm
Tenon thickness 80 mm
Minimum tenon depth
with standard tool 10~45 mm
production rate 15 pcs/min.
Table tilt
Downward 0~30°
Side 0~45°
Spindle motor 5HP
Total horsepower  5.5 kw (7.3 HP)
Dust hood outlet diameter  4" x 2
Working air pressure  6 BAR
Machine dimensions 1950x1450x1570 mm
Packing dimensions 2050x1370x1820 mm
Net weight 1250 kg
Gross weight 1380 kg
• Specifications and design characteristics are subject to change without prior notice.