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YC-TD3 CNC 3-Axis Double End Tenoner

Linear guide way, high precision screw and high precision rack with speed reducer.
Automatic material feed. Automatic material return. Easy to operate, High effiniency.
Model YC-TD3
Length of cut 280~2080 mm
Spindle speed 9000 rpm
Max. tenon width 145 mm
Max. tenon depth 40 mm
Min. tenon depth 10 mm
Max. thickness (fixing knife) 30 mm
Max. thickness (throw-away type knife) Optional : 40 mm
High frequency motor 3+3 (7.5HP)
Inverte 6 (7.5 HP)
Total horsepower 40 kw (53.6 HP)
Working air pressure 6 kg/cm²
Dust hood outlet diameter Ø3" x 6
Net weight -
Gross weigh -
Machine dimensions -
Packing dimensions -
  • Specifications and design characteristics are subject to change without prior notice.