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YC-TF7 CNC Automatic Milling Tenoning Machine




The YC-TF7 is designed for cutting tenons for door and window frames.
Also ideal for cutting tenons for other furniture parts.

Machine Features:

  1. The machine consists of one set of tenoning head and two sets of saw heads.
  2. The entire machine motions are controlled by a CNC controller, providing easy operation.
  3. Right and left movement of table is driven by a servo motor combined with ball screw transmission featuring fast travel and high accuracy positioning.
  4. Automatic 90° sawhead rotation rotation is actuated by swing cylinder.
  5. Wood is clamped by air cylinders.
  6. Sawblade elevation is driven by air cylinder.
  7. Fast motion cycle. High efficiency. High productivity.
CNC Control Easy To Opprate
  • This machine employs a CNC control for maximum convenience of operation.
Double Saw Heads
  • Each saw head is independently driven by a motor.
  • Both saw heads automatically rotate 90°.
Model YC-TF7
Wood length 600~2500 mm
Wood width 80~295 mm
Wood thickness 30~50 mm
Sawblade sizes Ø250x3 mm
Saw arbor diameter Ø1"
Sawblade speed 2800 RPM
Sawblade motor 3 HP x 2 pcs
Sawhead rotation 90°
Cutter diameter Ø200 mm
Cutter arbor diameter Ø40 mm
Cutter speed 5600 RPM
Cutter motor 5 HP
Table feed motor 1 HP (servo)
Total horsepower 9 kw (12 HP)
Working air pressure 6 kg/cm²
Dust hood outlet diameter 140 mm x 1
Machine dimensions (LxWxH) 1770 x 1540 x 1710 mm
Packing dimensions (LxWxH) 1750 x 1520 x 1710 mm
Net weight 1050 kg
Gross weight 1150 kg
• Specifications and design characteristics are subject to change without prior notice.