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YC-TM CNC 45° Degree Tenoner Mortiser For Mitered Cabinet Door Frames





  • Applicable for 45° tenoning and mortising for cabinet.
  • Two functions in one machine. Tenoning and mortising are
    accomplished at a time.

Machine Features:

  1. This machine is mounted with tononing and mortising cutters, allowing for producing tenon and mortise at a time.
  2. The tenoning and mortising spindle are driven by individual high frequency motor with high rotation speed for high efficiency cutting.
  3. X,Y,Z-axis traverses are all driven by servo motors in combination with the linear motion guides on their slideways. These lead to extra smooth movement and high positioning accuracy.
  4. X,Y,Z-axis traverses are transmitted through ball screws.
  5. Pneumatically operated wood clamp and stop.

The YC-TM Mortiser is Capable of Machining 0˚/45˚/90˚

Motion Sequences:

  1. TENONING: The spindle “A” moves forward for cutting tenon, then it retract.

  2. MORTISING: The spindle “A” moves forward for milling surface, then it retract. The spindle “B” moves forward for mortising to the desired mortise size, then it retract.


Features of CNC Controller
  1. 10" high resolution touch screen.
  2. Parameter filling operational interface allows for quick setting without need of computer expertise.
  3. Multiple memory capacity of production modules.
  4. Once the cutter diamter is input, the computer will automatically setup the cutter for shortening cutter setup time.
  5. Chinese and English display.

Well-planned Displays

  • Tenon & mortise size setting display.
  • Feed speed setting display.
  • Machine coordinate display.
  • Cutter compensation display.
  • I/O display.
  • Error message display.
  • Error history display.
  • Trouble shooting instruction display.

TCT Mortising Bit
  1. Supplied with one mortising bit as standard.


Throw-away Type Helical Cutterhead (optional)
  1. Applicable for all types of soft and hard wood materials.
  2. 360º single point helical cutting action with inserts distributed at various positions.
  3. Excellent chip break and fine chips generated to eliminate jamming problem during dust collecting.
  4. No uneven thickness of cut and no tearing.
  5. Reversed flow body design provides forced chip evacuation to eliminate repetitive cutting.
  6. Low noise. Long service life.
YC-tM Mortiser is Capable of Producing Various types of Mortise
Model YC-TM
High frequency motor 5.6 kw
Throw-away type cutter 10000 R.P.M.
Length 0~150 mm
Thickness 0~40 mm
Depth 10~35 mm
High frequency motor 3 kw
Throw-away type cutter 21000 R.P.M.
Length 0~150 mm
Thickness 0~40 mm
Depth 0~45 mm
Servo motor(X,Y,Z) X: 1.5 kw x 1 / Y、Z: 1 kw x 2
Total horsepower 12.1 kw (16.1 HP)
Working air pressure 6 kg/cm²
Dust hood outlet diameter ø4" x 9
Machine dimensions (LxWxH) 2150 x 1500 x 1850 mm
Packing dimensions (LxWxH) 2300 x 1520 x 2070 mm
Net weight 1400 kgs
Gross weight 1580 kgs
• Specifications and design characteristics are subject to change without prior notice.